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SJ series P1

Brand : HitachiHigh performance inverter with innovative ease-of-use and excellent driving performance.-  Intuitive, easy-to-use LCD operator is standard.- High starting torque at low speed ..

WJ200 series

Brand : HitachiPursuing the Ideal Compact Inverter- High starting torque of 200% or greater achieved by sensorless vector control (when sized for heavy duty).- Simple positioning control (when fe..

LH1 series

Brand : HitachiInverter designed for fans & pumps plus conveyors- Sensorless Vector Control so the NJ600B can be applied to constant torque loads where high starting torque is needed.- Sequen..

NE - S1 series

Brand : HitachiEconomical Inverter with Simple Operation- N   Next & New Next generation inverter opens the door to New market segments- E   Ecological &Economical Ecologic..

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