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Displacement Sensors CDX Series

Ultra High-accuracy Laser Displacement Sensors- World's No. 1 Linearity- Repeat accuracy of 0.25μm- Direct Ethernet connection with Web Server function- Built-in amplifier with built-in calculation fu..

Displacement Sensors TD1 Series

Through-beam Edge Laser Sensor- Edge and width / gap measurement- Measurement distance of up to 300mm- Measurement range of +/-5mm for edge and 10mm for width- Repeatability of +/-5μm- Easy-to-read am..

Photoelectric Sensors TOF-DL Series

Compact Time-Of-Flight Sensors with Display- Easy setting and monitoring with built-in digital display- Selectable models of IO-Link, Analog Output and 3 Control Outputs- High accuracy operation with ..

Photoelectric Sensors BGS-HL/HDL Series

High Accuracy BGS Distance Setting Sensors- Minimum detectable height difference of 0.08mm with up to 50mm detection range- Class 1 or Class 2 laser- Sensing distances of 20~50mm and 50~250mm- Repeata..

Photoelectric Sensors BGS-DLT Series

Digital Laser BGS Sensors- Zone and FGS teaching modes with digital display- Sensing distances of 100mm and 250mm with high power Class 2 laser- NPN or PNP control output- Cable and M8 connector model..

Fiber Sensor D3RF Series

High Speed Digital Fiber Amplifiers- Industry's No. 1, high-speed response time of up to 16μs - Easy-to-read 4-digit dual displays- Up to 16 amplifiers to be linked- 1 or 2-output models- Cable a..

Photoelectric Sensors DM Series

Digital Color/Mark Detection Sensors- 3-color (red, green and blue) LEDs- High-resolution color and mark detection modes- 8 bank setting function- NPN or PNP control output- Cable and connector models..

Photoelectric Sensors Z-L Series

Standard-sized Laser Sensors- Class 1 laser with through-beam models- Through-beam, retro-reflective and diffuse reflective models- NPN or PNP control output- Industry standard 25.4mm installation scr..

Photoelectric Sensors Z4 Series

IO-Link Standard-sized Sensors- Through-beam, retro-reflective, diffuse-reflective and limited-diffuse-reflective models- Variable data of sensor collectable via IO-Link network- NPN or PNP control ou..

Non-contact Thermometers CS series

Compact Infrared Thermometer- Measurement temperature ranges of -40 to 500 ˚C or 0 to 1000˚C- Easy-to-install, compact M12 sensor head- Easy-to-read large display- Heat-resistant of sensor head up to ..

Photoelectric Sensor Z2 Series

Standard-sized Photoelectric Sensor - 25.4mm installation screw pitch - Red LED light source - Through-beam, Retro-reflective and Diffuse-reflective models - Sensing distances of 25m, 4.4m and 1..

Photoelectric Sensor C-R Series

M18 Cylindrical Metal-housing Photoelectric Sensor- Robust metal housing with hot-melt molding- Red LED and infrared light source models- Through-beam, Retro-reflective, Diffuse-reflective and Limited..

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