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EDM Wire Cut

เครื่อง EDM Wire Cut รุ่น VZ300L The VZ300L Wire EDM features Sodick’s well-known Linear Motor Technology. The VZ Series is a cost-friendly, entry level line of WEDMs that still maintains the quality ..

High-Speed CNC Engraving Machine

High-Speed CNC Engraving Machine Model AEM-1200ATH เครื่องแกะสลักผิวสำหรับกัดงานเบา แต่กัดเร็วและรอบสูง โดยสามารถกัดรอบได้สูงถึง 30,000 รอบต่อนาที เนื่องจากถูกออกแบบมาอย่างเฉพาะเจาะจงทำให้เครื่องแกะสล..

ROBODRILL High-Speed CNC Tap Drill Machine

เครื่องจักรโรโบดริล M Model ROBODRILL – High-Speed CNC Tap Drill Machine   A Model M Model L Model Travel X-axis 300 500 700 Travel Y-axis 300+100 400 400 Travel Z-axis 330 330 330   Optim..

OKUMA 5-Axis Machining Center

- 100% Made in Japan with leading technology- All 5 axes are synchronized and work simultaneously - 360o rotatable table allows full capacity lathe work- Touch screen control with Auto power-savi..

KAO FONG EVERRICHO Double Column Machining Center

- Taiwanese Double column 3-axis machining center- Heavy duty machine with extremely rigid structure - Friendly price with premium after-sale service- Big, Strong, Reliable ..

EVERRICHO Vertical Machining Center

- Economic price machining center from Taiwan- Y-axis guideway position on top of X-axis guideway- Rigid structure means no overhanging problem- Specially designed for Strong and Heavy cut- Both Linea..

PINACHO Heavy Duty CNC Lathe

- CNC Lathe from SPAIN with European-made Quality- Perfect for large and long lathe work- Through spindle hole maximum of 12 inches- Come with FANUC controller. After-sale service guaranteed ..

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