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World K Asia Standard AC Motors

Pr World K Series Conforms to Power Supply Voltages in Asia World K Series models that conform to power supply voltages in Asia are certified under the CCC System and have built-in ov..

K2 series Standard AC Motors


KII/KIIS Series  (Standard AC Motors) ● High-Intensity with High-Strength Gearhead ● High-Performance Motor with High Energy Efficiency ● User-Friendly Design Reflecting the Voices of countle..

Motorized Actuators


■ DGII Series Renewed Appeal High Efficiency and Energy Saving A closed loop αSTEP AR Series stepping motor and driver package has been adopted as the motor. This creates a more efficient and energ..

RK series Stepping Motors


RKII Series (Built-in Controller Type) (5-Phase Stepping Motor and Driver Packages)  RKII Series (Built-in Controller Type) is a space saving motor as it is slim and compact. Compared to the conven..

Speed Control Motors


The BMU Series (60 line added) featured spin and push with easy speed control, easy wiring and quick start, opening the panel with extensive functions and the new brushless motor NEXBL is compact, hig..

Stepping Motor and Driver Packages αSTEP


Equipped with ABZO Sensor a newly developed (Absorbing) sensor to the motor, to achieve the motion control that does not use an external sensor and shortening of homing time.With built-in controller t..

Motorized Linear Slides/ EAC Series (Motorized Cylinders)

New Standards for Motorized Linear Slides and Motorized Cylinders equipped with multi movement ability, performance regardless of operating conditions, compact while powerful and applicable to a wide ..

Brushless Motor and Driver Packages

The BXII Series has the highest standard speed control motors. The speed control, position control and torque limiting widely used for various purposes. Ease of use and high reliability at an affordab..

Speed control motors

The new DSC Series design for high performance without adjust. Entry model of speed control motors, affordable and compact in size.   Features: Quick and easy setting   Space- ..

US2 series Speed Control Motors

One-class higher performance and reliability by advanced D-loop with easy-to-use functions and stylish look. US2 Series, fully-redesigned from the US Series, has been greatly advanced in all aspe..

2-Phase and 5-Phase Stepping Motors

Features: 2-Phase Motor with higher torque and less vibration in low speed regions High current are now possible by revised motor winding design and the highly efficient design of the drive circuit,..

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