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Extraction Arms and Vehicle Exhaust Removal Systems

Brand : NedermanNederman extraction arms and solutions for extraction of dust, exhaust and fumes directly at source protects your workers, the environment and your production from dangerous airborne f..

FilterBox Modular extraction/filter system

Brand : NedermanFilterBox is a system that solves most problems concerning the extraction and fltration of welding fumes and dust, Can be combined to work as a single mobile unit or as a fixed mo..

Industrial Hose & Cable Reels

Brand : NedermanFor all types of vehicle workshops, etc. where the hose can be set to hang at a reachable height. The patented spring drive makes the reel very easy to handle. A built-in patented..

Mobile extraction/filter units

Brand : NedermanMobile filter unit for light to medium fume extraction applications. The FilterCart Original extraction arm includes an integrated spotlight, which optimizes the user-friendly des..

Bench top extraction arms

Brand : NedermanThe best and most cost-efficient solution for applications where small, flexible and easy-to-use arms are required.Nederman FX2 arms are made of lightweight anodized aluminium sec..

Aerosol Control Solution

Brand : NedermanAerosol generating procedures (AGPs) can potentially transmit respiratory infection or disease. These hazardous aerosols are a growing concern for dentists and other healthcare profess..

FMC Filter

Brand : NedermanThe FMC cartridge flter series offers many operational benefits thanks to its compact design and patented UniClean® system. The special design of UniClean® cartridges guarantees consis..

Compact reverse jet tubular cartridge filters

Brand : NedermanSuitable for many different applications that generate light to medium volumes of any dust. The MJC Mini range of compact reverse jet tubular cartridge filters was developed for c..

Filter cartridge

Brand : NedermanA wide range of different filter materials is available for the Nederman cartridge filter range. These filters can therefore be used to handle most types of dust efficiently to en..

Filter controller Type DFC

Brand : NedermanThe DFC-08M filter controller is used to control reverse jet filter systems utilising 24V DC solenoid valves directly fitted to the diaphragm valves.- Differential pressure is displaye..

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